Join National Center for Homeopathy

When you begin to glimpse the wonders of homeopathy, you will want to learn more about the National Center for Homeopathy. Please consider joining this incredible organization. Your membership means you support homeopathy and access to homeopathy in America.

What is the National Center for Homeopathy?
The NCH is the activist organization for anyone and everyone interested in homeopathy. The NCH carries the word about homeopathy to all America.

How can you take a look at the NCH?
Just make a visit to and take a look around. You wil find a wealth of information about homeopathy. You will find the NCH Member Directory to help you find a homeopath near you. And more.

Why should you become a member of the NCH?
Your membership dues help the NCH to carry out its mission of spreading the word about homeopathy. And the more you learn about homeopathy, the healthier you and your family will be.

What do you get for your membership dues?

  • The bi-monthly magazine, Homeopathy Today, the best homeopathy magazine in the English language, geared to both practitioners and laypeople.
  • The NCH e-Newsletter every other month.
  • Outstanding continuing educational programs for practitioners and laypeople.
  • Web chat sessions for members, giving you access to some of the greatest homeopaths working today.

And there is much more. Take a look at